Analyst bullish: Expect „reverse surrender“ as soon as Bitcoin breaks $ 14,000

Bitcoin is currently being traded for just under $ 13,800, creating another lower limit as it should move even higher in the coming days.

The coin is below the daily high of $ 14,100 that was set about 16 hours ago.

Analysts believe Bitcoin Pro could snap even higher once the $ 14,000 region becomes support.

One trader even believes that Bitcoin could experience „reverse surrender“.

Bitcoin could explode higher if it breaks the $ 14,000

Bitcoin has seen a sharp rally over the past day, past the $ 13,500 hit yesterday. At its highs in the past 24 hours, the leading cryptocurrency traded for up to $ 14,100.

The recovery stopped abruptly, however, when sell orders over $ 14,000 were placed. This resulted in a rapid surge from highs at $ 14,100 to $ 13,500, which was a major liquidation event for both short and long positions at the time.

Bitcoin is currently trading for just under $ 13,800, which creates another floor as it appears to rise even higher in the coming days.

Analysts currently consider $ 14,000 and $ 14,100 to be the top levels to watch. The latter is of course the high that Bitcoin hit on Saturday.

A prominent cryptocurrency analyst now believes that if the cryptocurrency can “flip” in support of $ 14,100, it will result in “reverse surrender”. In other words, Bitcoin could go massively higher, probably by dozens of percent – if it manages to convert that level into support.

The analyst behind this prediction has been historically accurate so far. During the March surrender, which saw Bitcoin drop to $ 3,500 on leading exchanges, he predicted a V-shaped reversal to $ 10,000 by May or June. That proved correct months later and Bitcoin did exactly what it expected. He also anticipated a large part of the ongoing rally.

It’s not exactly clear where he expects the Bitcoin rally to end in the near future – however, the analyst recently shared the chart below. A comment was attached to the chart that „Bitcoin is undervalued“.

What appears to be shown is some kind of mining-based indicator that rises rapidly after halving and predicts when Bitcoin is at macroeconomic tipping points.

Something is building up

Something is likely building up, which increases the chances of Bitcoin exploding higher than the aforementioned analyst expected.

According to market data shared by ByBt, the funding rates of almost all major crypto exchanges are currently negative. The refinancing rate is the recurring fee that long positions pay for short positions to ensure that the future price stays around the spot market price.

A negative refinance rate means there are more aggressive shorts than longs, and thatN often leads to short positions as shorts are incentivized to close out their positions.

Redemptions exceed Direct Treasury investments by R$ 168.48 million

Treasury Direct redemptions outstripped issues for the third month in a row. In September, 403,225 investment operations were carried out in Treasury Direct bonds, worth R$ 1.86 billion. During that month, redemptions totaled R$ 2.02 billion. Net redemptions totaled R$ 168.48 million. The data were released today (23) by the National Treasury Secretariat in Brasília.

Investments of up to R$ 1,000 accounted for 67.42% of investment operations in the month. The average amount per operation was R$ 4,602.00.

According to the National Treasury, the securities most in demand by investors were those indexed to the Selic rate (Tesouro Selic), which totaled R$ 740.66 million, representing 39.91% of sales.

Inflation-linked securities (IPCA+ Treasury and IPCA+ Treasury with Semi-annual Interest) totaled R$ 656.95 million in sales and accounted for 35.40% of the total, while fixed-rate Immediate Bitcoin(Fixed-rate Treasury and Treasury with Semi-annual Interest) reached R$ 458.03 million in sales, or 24.68% of the total.

Buy-backs (early redemptions) were also dominated by floating-rate securities, which totaled R$ 1.22 billion (60.42%). The price-indexed securities (Treasury IPCA+, Treasury IPCA+ with Half-Yearly Interest and Treasury IGPM+ with Half-Yearly Interest) reached R$ 514.25 million (25.41%), and fixed-rate securities, R$ 286.79 million (14.17%).

As for maturity, the largest portion of sales was concentrated on securities maturing between one and five years, which reached 45.58% of the total. Investments in securities maturing over 10 years accounted for 26.67%, while securities maturing between 5 and 10 years accounted for 27.75% of the total.


In September 2020, the Treasury Direct stock stood at R$ 61.49 billion, up 0.41% from August (R$ 61.24 billion).

Price-indexed securities remained the most representative of the stock, totaling R$ 29.99 billion, or 48.78% of the total. Next came floating-rate securities, totaling R$ 19.44 billion (31.63%), and fixed-rate securities: R$ 12.05 billion, with 19.60% of the total.

As for the maturity profile of outstanding securities, the portion maturing in up to one year closed the month at R$ 3.68 billion, or 5.99% of the total. The stock maturing in 1 to 5 years was R$ 36.07 billion (58.65%) and the percentage above 5 years was R$ 21.74 billion (35.35%).

The total number of investors active in the Treasury Direct, that is, those who currently have a balance of investments in the program, reached 1,359,609 people in September, an increase of 14,954 investors in the month.

The total number of investors active in the Treasury Direct, that is, those who currently have a balance of investments in the program, was 1,359,609 people in September, an increase of 14,954 investors in the month. The number of registered investors in the program reached 8,386,216 people.

Le aziende pubbliche hanno investito miliardi in Bitcoin quest’anno

La scala di grigi potrebbe essere in cima alla lista dei titoli, ma non è l’unica azienda pubblica che investirà pesantemente in Bitcoin nel 2020.

La lista delle grandi società pubbliche che espandono i loro investimenti e portafogli per includere il Bitcoin è in crescita. Secondo una recente ricerca, Grayscale guida un gruppo di oltre dieci società pubbliche che hanno investito in Bitcoin nel 2020.

Il cui valore totale è di oltre 6 miliardi di dollari che, ai prezzi odierni, equivale a circa 526.000 BTC.

Non solo @Square, nel 2020 ci sono più di 10 aziende pubbliche che investono in $ BTC, per un valore totale di oltre 6 miliardi di dollari, pari a quasi 600.000 BTC.$BTC #BTC

– Coin98 Analytics (@Coin98Analytics) 13 ottobre 2020

Le istituzioni guideranno gli investimenti Bitcoin

Anche se il grafico può non essere del tutto accurato, suggerisce che più fondi di investimento istituzionali stanno acquistando Bitcoin come parte dei loro portafogli. Questo non dovrebbe essere una sorpresa, considerando che i governi e le banche centrali hanno svilito le proprie valute per affrontare le crescenti montagne di debito.

Inoltre, con le banche che offrono tassi d’interesse zero o negativi, gli investitori si stanno orientando verso attività sicure come il Bitcoin, che recentemente ha raggiunto un alto tasso di hashish, o l’oro.

Secondo l’ultimo aggiornamento di Grayscale, ha in realtà un totale di asset in gestione (AUM) di 6,3 miliardi di dollari, di cui poco meno dell’82% è nel Bitcoin Trust.

10/13/20 AGGIORNAMENTO: Patrimonio netto in gestione, Partecipazioni per azione e Prezzo di mercato per azione per i nostri prodotti di investimento.

Totale AUM: $6,3 miliardi$BTC $BCH $BCH $ETH $ETC $ZEN $LTC $XLM $XRP $ZEC

– Scala di grigi (@Grayscale) 13 ottobre 2020

Come riportato da CryptoPotato, Fidelity vede anche un enorme potenziale in Bitcoin, affermando che potrebbe crescere in un mercato da mille miliardi di dollari. Jason Yanowitz di BlockWorks Group ha commentato che un esempio di portafoglio del 5% di allocazione Bitcoin per un’azienda che ha 3,3 trilioni di dollari di AUM potrebbe essere massiccio per BTC se solo una frazione dei suoi clienti ascoltasse il consiglio.

Fidelity ha appena raccomandato che gli investitori assegnino il 5% a Bitcoin.

Fidelity ha 3,3 trilioni di dollari USA.

Investire il 5% in Bitcoin significherebbe un’ulteriore inondazione di capitale di 165 miliardi di dollari in Bitcoin.

Bisogna essere pazzi per non possedere Bitcoin a questo punto.

– Yano (@JasonYanowitz) 14 ottobre 2020

Sembra che alcuni di questi grandi fondi istituzionali stiano iniziando a trattare le attività Bitcoin e cripto come una classe di attività piuttosto che solo l’attività stessa.

BTC a 1 milione di dollari

Anche l’ex gestore di hedge fund Raoul Pal è rialzista sulla Bitcoin, sostenendo che potrebbe raggiungere 1 milione di dollari in cinque anni in una recente intervista con Stansberry Research. Ha aggiunto;

„Non sarà perché il mondo sta crollando… è perché ci sarà l’adozione da parte dei veri grandi capitali“.

L’investitore ha continuato ad affermare che „i tubi non ci sono“ per consentire ai grandi investitori istituzionali di investire in Bitcoin ancora, ma questo sta arrivando. E‘ sullo schermo del radar di tutti e ci sono un sacco di persone intelligenti che ci stanno lavorando“.

La storia del tracollo economico globale e il concetto di scarsità si aggiungono all’attrazione di detenere Bitcoin quando il prossimo ciclo di tori sembra pronto per iniziare.

Bitcoin behavior in early October

Learn the details about the behavior of the main kryptomoney, Bitcoin, during the first days of this October.

The most important of the crypto currencies, arrives to the month of October in the middle of all kinds of forecasts. Certainly, no one can say for sure what will happen to Bitcoin this month, but you can explain its behavior in these early days.

As for mining, Bitcoin continues to expand its Hashrate. The hash power of the world’s leading digital currency recently reached a new all-time high of 143 EH/s. However, at the beginning of this month, it has dropped to 135 EH/s.

In relation to the price, it has oscillated between $ 10,200 and $ 10,800. From September 21 to these first days of October, this margin has been maintained. These data were extracted from the graphs of the portal
Behavior of Bitcoin before the BitMEX case

As you may recall, the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), drove the price of Bitcoin down. As in past events, they caused the debacle of the value of this crypto currency.

However, with the growth and progress that Bitcoin is experiencing, a significant degree of maturity has begun to be seen. The first days of this month, the earthquake that has meant the CFTC’s persecution against BitMEX, hasn’t affected the price of Bitcoin.

As indicated in multiple news items, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), accused three members related to the aforementioned BitMEX, of violating laws related to money laundering.

Before this news, the users of the trading platform, withdrew large amounts of BTC (equivalent to 425 million USD). This currency movement, however, was imperceptible to Bitcoin’s price behavior.
The Bitcoin Hashrate is an important indicator of the behavior of this crypt currency during this October startup. Source: Blockchain.comThe Bitcoin Hashrate, is an important indicator of the behavior of this cryptom currency during this October startup. Source:

Bitcoin whale qualifies as threat to regulators

Bitcoin Old Moves

Another important event that could influence Bitcoin’s price behavior was the coin movement of the Satoshi era. Under other circumstances, this would have had a negative impact because it would have meant more liquidity in the market.

All of this indicates that, as said, the maturity of Bitcoin, has allowed for an important degree of stability. This has been expressed during the first days of October.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the hacking of the KuCoin exchange, from which some 150 million dollars were extracted in Bitcoin, Ether and ERC20. From this fact, there has also been no reported reaction in the price of the main krypton currency.

However, some analysts believe that these events have prevented the rise in the price of the pioneer cryptomone, leaving it stagnant.

It should be remembered that hacking and other events such as those reported above, cause a great pressure to sell, which generates the collapse of the price. But the firm CyptoQuant affirms that KuCoin has experienced a minimal abandonment after the violation of its security.

421 Million in Bitcoin Flee from BitMEX

Market capitalization remains high

According to CoinMarketCap numbers, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is $ 196,852,087,162. This amount has remained relatively stable in the first days of the month, despite the events that have impacted the environment surrounding this digital currency.

Another aspect to take into consideration, in order to predict Bitcoin’s behavior, is its quality as one of the best assets of 2020. During the whole year, only once, Bitcoin has been below the gold and S&P 500 and that was in March.

In a graph presented by Dan Held of Kraken, you can see that Bitcoin’s behavior in early October is still well above the other two assets.

From all this, you can say that during the month of October, you can expect stability in the price of Bitcoin. For now, there are no signs that could indicate a sudden increase in price volatility.

As for its Hashrate, although it has fallen, the trend is to increase as the mining business expands around the world.
Data to take into consideration


KuCoin exchange hack: $ 150 million stolen in cryptocurrency

Hackers have reportedly stolen more than $ 150 million in cryptocurrency from the KuCoin exchange.

KuCoin’s online wallet storage was reportedly infiltrated, resulting in the theft of various cryptocurrencies

KuCoin claims that its insurance will cover lost funds and that its users‘ data is safe.

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

KuCoin is the latest cryptocurrency exchange to be targeted by hackers . More than 150 million dollars in BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies were thus stolen from its wallets.

The incident once again highlights the vulnerabilities of the storage of online wallets, or “hot wallets”. Many high profile exchange hacks in the history of the industry have involved a malicious intrusion into the platform’s hot wallet storage.

The Singapore-based exchange confirmed the news of the infiltration in an online statement released on September 26. According to this press release, the platform noticed suspicious scale withdrawals from its online wallets:

Etherscan data shows that the wallet associated with the hack currently contains 11,480 ETH, worth over $ 4 million. Analysis platform CryptoQuant also reported a spike in Bitcoin withdrawal from the exchange, which points to the same attack

Bitcoin Outflow KuCoin chart by CryptoQuant

In total, hackers have reportedly stolen $ 150 million in various cryptocurrencies, but KuCoin has yet to confirm the extent of the theft. As part of its announcement, the exchange assured users that its insurance fund will fully cover stolen goods.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu also revealed that the hack compromised the private keys to his wallet, and the exchange therefore moved the intact funds to another address. Additionally, Mr. Lyu assured users that KuCoin’s non-internet cold wallet remains secure and that the intrusion did not compromise user data.

On social media, everyone agrees that the KuCoin hack offers another example of the danger of keeping funds on cryptocurrency exchanges. In early September, the Slovakian exchange platform Eterbase was also hacked, losing $ 5.4 million.

As previously reported , the overhaul of security measures by cryptocurrency exchanges resulted in a decrease in the total amount of funds stolen by hackers in 2019. In response, hacker syndicates have reportedly developed More sophisticated attack vectors to steal valuable crypto assets. kondigt Instant Cashback tot 8% aan

Na eerder dit jaar lid te zijn geworden van Visa, heeft haar Visa-kaartprogramma uitgebreid naar 27 Europese landen en zal ze zich binnenkort wagen aan Canada. Nu kunnen Visa-kaarthouders over de hele wereld genieten van tot 8% cashback op alle aankopen.

Leidend cryptocurrency betalingsplatform kondigde een verhoging aan van de cashback op aankopen die zijn gedaan met Volgens de officiële blog zijn de nieuwe cashback tarieven voor twee van de vijf kaarten geüpdatet. De nieuwe tarieven zullen op 1 oktober 2020 van kracht worden.

Bovendien zullen de kaarthouders hun cashback in hun Bitcoin System App direct ontvangen. Dit blijft geldig voor alle soorten aankopen die met de kaarten worden gedaan. Op 17 september kondigde het bedrijf aan dat Obsidian kaarthouders kunnen genieten van een cashback van 8% op al hun aankopen. Samen met dat, Frosted Rose Gold en Icy White kaarthouders kunnen 5% instant cashback krijgen voor hun aankopen.

CRO-kaarten op basis van inzet Visa-kaarten zijn de meest gebruikte crypto-kaarten over de hele wereld. Deze kaarten zijn momenteel verkrijgbaar in de Verenigde Staten, Europa en de regio’s in Azië en de Stille Oceaan. De populariteit van deze kaarten ten opzichte van andere concurrenten wordt gedreven door het feit dat al deze vijf kaarten geen kostenkaarten zijn. Afgezien daarvan bieden deze kaarten veel extra’s. Sommige van deze perks zijn:

  • Nuljaarlijkse of maandelijkse vergoedingen
  • Geen-ontvangst van geldautomaten
  • Nulkosten voor buitenlandse transacties
  • 100% korting voor Spotify, Netflix en Amazon Prime
  • Vrije luchthaven lounge toegang voor Obsidian, Frosted Rose Gold, en Icy White kaarten

Om de te krijgen, moeten gebruikers 1.000 tot 1.000.000 CRO inzetten. Op basis van het ingezette CRO-bedrag kunnen gebruikers genieten van cashback in de orde van 1-8%. Het bedrijf biedt ook een nul-inzetkaart aan. Met die kaart kunnen gebruikers echter slechts 1% cashback ontvangen.

Vorige week voegde het VET van VeChain toe aan de terugkerende koopfunctie. Ook is DeFi Swap onlangs gelanceerd op het Ethereum Mainnet. Gebruikers kunnen DeFi-tokens ruilen en farmen op het nieuwe platform dat wordt aangedreven door CRO, de inheemse token van

Je kunt meer leren over spannende crypto-verse updates op het Altcoin Buzz YouTube-kanaal ook.

Bitcoin flirar fortfarande med 10 000 dollar men Outlook är fortfarande bra

Det har varit lite av en sorglig tid för Bitcoin-marknaden eftersom myntet föll mot 10 000 dollar efter att ha pressat över 12 000 dollar och till och med sett 13 000 dollar. Handlare är oroliga för att om myntet faller under de viktiga 10 000 $ kan en baisseartad trend utvecklas.

Utsikterna på medellång sikt för Bitcoin är dock fortfarande ganska positiva enligt vissa framstående marknadskommentatorer. Det baisseartade känslan i detta $ 2000-fall har en känsla av att vara kortlivad och det faktum att myntet satte sig över $ 10.000 – och klättrar – är ett bra tecken.

En del av en sund marknad

Förflyttningen av Bitcoin från $ 9000, där myntet fastnade under en lång tid, till att driva på $ 13.000 var ganska snabbt. Det här är något som alltid föregår en tillbakadragning och detta är något som faktiskt anses vara hälsosamt.

På tal med Cointelegraph förklarade Dennis Vinokourov, forskningschef för kryptobörs och institutionell mäklarleverantör BeQuant:

”Den aggressiva avkopplingen av trångt positionering relaterat till DeFi-tillgångar” kunde ha bidragit till nedgången. Men andra faktorer som valar som tar vinst, gruvarbetare som säljer sina stash och ett stort sydkoreanskt utbyte Bithumb enligt uppgift har blivit razzia av polisen kan ha använt säljtryck på Bitcoin. Hirsch betonade att i perioder med låg volatilitet kan prisfallet intensifieras när färre handlare är på marknaden ”

”Gruvpooler flyttar högre än vanliga volymer av Bitcoin till börser medan de vill täcka sina omkostnader, och investerare har nyligen varit mer reserverade (även för den vanliga sommarluggen). Lägre volymer betyder volatilitet och prisfall kan vara mer drastiska än vad de normalt skulle göra under tyngre handelssessioner. ”

Vinokuorov tillade också att tillbakadragandet kan gynna Bitcoin de kommande månaderna, eftersom prisavslag inte är en negativ händelse om marknaden skulle bli lugnare som ett resultat.

”Prisupptäckt och konsolidering efter en stark uppgång är en indikation på ett hälsosamt tvåvägs marknadsflöde. Prisavslag är inte nödvändigtvis en dålig utveckling, eftersom det ger marknadsaktörerna en möjlighet att göra en översikt över situationen och se till att anpassa intresset för både hävstångs / spekulativt flöde och för långsiktiga innehavares. ”

Ser längre sikt

Den verkliga aspekten av Bitcoin som människor håller ögonen på är hur Bitcoin kommer att röra sig på längre sikt. Bitcoin har varit ganska intervallbunden under den senaste långsiktiga perioden, men det finns faktorer som kan driva myntet upp under de kommande åren.

Guy Hirsch, verkställande direktör för eToro handels- och mäklarplattform, sa:

„Jag tror att denna baisseartade känsla är på kort sikt, och det finns några positiva utvecklingar som stöder BTC: s fortsatta tillväxt, till exempel Fed: s politik för nästan noll räntor under en betydande framtid.“

Jack Dorsey pense toujours que Bitcoin est le meilleur candidat pour une monnaie native d’Internet

Le PDG de Square reste un champion vocal de l’espace Blockchain.

Le monde de la crypto-monnaie évolue à un rythme effréné, mais le PDG de Twitter, Jack Dorsey, reste attaché à son premier lodestone, Bitcoin ( BTC )

Dans une interview accordée à Reuters le 10 septembre, Dorsey, qui a également fondé la plate-forme de paiement mobile Square, a déclaré qu’il pensait que le potentiel de la pièce surpassait toujours les développements ultérieurs:

«Je pense qu’Internet justifie une monnaie […] native et […] Bitcoin est probablement la meilleure manifestation de cela jusqu’à présent. Je ne peux pas voir cela changer étant donné toutes les personnes qui veulent la même chose et la construisent pour ce potentiel.

Dorsey a connecté les principes fondateurs de Bitcoin Lifestyle à l’éthos coopératif et décentralisé qu’il considère comme l’esprit moteur du Web:

«Internet est quelque chose qui est axé sur le consensus et est construit par tout le monde, et n’importe qui peut en changer le cours. Bitcoin a les mêmes modèles, il a été construit sur Internet.

Dorsey a loué le fait que «toute personne ayant une excellente idée» qui souhaite faire partie de Bitcoin peut rejoindre la communauté – elle «n’a pas à faire partie d’une entreprise», a-t-il déclaré.

Dorsey semblait attaché à la fois au Bitcoin et à Internet sous une forme idéalisée – libre des spectres de l’oligopole, des excès de la surveillance des entreprises et du gouvernement, et des asymétries obstinées de pouvoir et de capital avec lesquelles les partisans de la décentralisation doivent nécessairement lutter.

Conformément à cette croyance en la possibilité d’un contrôle à la base sur l’orientation future de la crypto-monnaie – et de l’Internet -, Dorsey a déclaré aux journalistes qu’il était important de se concentrer sur l’amélioration de l’expérience des utilisateurs de Bitcoin afin de favoriser son adoption généralisée.

La crypto-monnaie doit évoluer pour devenir aussi «intuitive» à utiliser et aussi pratique que l’infrastructure de paiement numérique existante, a-t-il déclaré. La rentabilité et la rentabilité, en particulier en ce qui concerne le traitement des transactions, sont un autre obstacle crucial à surmonter, a-t-il ajouté.

L’engagement de Dorsey envers une philosophie idéale d’Internet et de la crypto-monnaie n’implique cependant pas qu’il soit aveugle au fossé entre l’idéal et la réalité

L’hiver dernier, Twitter a financé une équipe dédiée d’architectes, d’ingénieurs et de concepteurs open source chargée de développer une norme décentralisée pour les médias sociaux. Dorsey a déclaré que l’objectif était que Twitter soit finalement un client des fruits de leurs efforts.

Décrivant les défis auxquels Twitter est confronté en tant que plate-forme centralisée, Dorsey a identifié la blockchain, la technologie qui sous-tend Bitcoin, comme un développement technologique clé qui indique la possibilité réelle d’un avenir viable et décentralisé.

«Beaucoup de travail à faire, mais les fondamentaux sont là », écrit-il.

Predicción de precios de Bitcoin: El BTC/USD sigue creciendo; ¿Pueden ser 9.500 dólares el próximo objetivo?

Predicción de precios de Bitcoin (BTC) – 8 de julio

En los últimos tres días, el BTC/USD ha mostrado un tremendo crecimiento que va desde los 9.480 dólares hasta los 9.185 dólares.
Tendencia a largo plazo del BTC/USD: Rango (Gráfico diario)

  • Niveles clave:
  • Niveles de resistencia: 9.900, 10.100, 10.300 dólares.
  • Niveles de apoyo: 8.900, 8, 700, 8.500 dólares.
    BTCUSD – Gráfico diario

El BTC/USD una vez más está haciendo un impresionante movimiento al alza desde la primera sesión comercial de hoy, ya que la moneda se está negociando actualmente alrededor del límite superior del triángulo simétrico. Los toros esperan ahora que el precio suba, pero las perspectivas siguen el movimiento lateral. Para que las cosas cambien a corto plazo, los operadores necesitarán ver que el BTC/USD suba más y baje más para invalidar el actual límite del rango que sigue intacto.

Más aún, si el precio termina haciendo eso, el mercado tendría motivos para estar al alza no solo hasta los 9.500 dólares, sino incluso más allá, hasta los 9.600 dólares o más. Sin embargo, es importante señalar que el posible movimiento alcista debe ser un repunte sostenido y no un bombeo, ya que de lo contrario no tendría consecuencias. A pesar de la reciente tendencia alcista del mercado, aún no hemos visto que la corrección en curso se complete, mientras que los toros de Bitcoin (BTC) siguen siendo demasiado optimistas.

Además, si los toros de Bitcoin mantienen el precio por encima de las medias móviles de 9 y 21 días, el precio podría subir por encima del canal hasta alcanzar una resistencia vital de 9.700 dólares. Un nuevo impulso alcista podría enviar la moneda a niveles de resistencia de 9.900, 10.100 y 10.300 dólares. Mientras tanto, el RSI (14) está mirando hacia el norte revelando una tendencia alcista, los niveles de soporte a observar son de $8,900, $8,700 y $8,500 respectivamente.

Tendencia de mediano plazo del BTC/USD: Alcista (Gráfico 4H)

El BTC/USD se ve funcionando bien en la actualidad. Con esto, esperamos que la moneda gane el impulso perdido y llegue al comercio por encima de los 9.500 dólares. Sin embargo, la volatilidad se mantiene y la presión de venta sigue existiendo, lo que lleva a la moneda a perder el mayor apoyo de los promedios móviles. Mientras tanto, los 9.300 dólares y menos pueden entrar en juego si el BTC rompe por debajo del nivel de soporte de 9.400 dólares.
BTCUSD – Gráfico de 4 horas

Sin embargo, en la medida en que los compradores puedan reforzar y potenciar el mercado, los operadores pueden esperar una nueva prueba en el nivel de resistencia de 9.500 dólares, y romper este nivel puede permitir que los toros lleguen a 9.600 dólares o más. El RSI (14) se ve moviéndose dentro de la zona de sobrecompra, lo que muestra que pueden surgir más señales alcistas.

XMR/USD hält die Aufwärtsbewegung aufrecht

Monero-Preisanalyse: XMR/USD hält die Aufwärtsbewegung aufrecht; Preis berührt 70 $ hoch

Der Monero (XMR) hält die Intraday-Gewinne, während sich die Bullen zurückziehen. XMR/USD erforscht höhere Niveaus über $70.


  • Widerstandsebenen: $72, $74, $76
  • Unterstützungsebenen: $64, $62, $60

XMR/USD bewegt sich im grünen Bereich, da der Markt nach der heutigen Aufwärtsbewegung zu sehen ist. Monero machte einen leichten Anstieg des Eröffnungspreises von $67,13, nachdem er auf $66,45 gefallen war, auf einen Höchststand von $70,07 mit einem Gewinn von 1,11%. XMR/USD pendelt derzeit bei $67,96 und wird über dem gleitenden 9- und 21-Tage-Durchschnitt gehandelt. Er ist eine der wenigen BitQT digitalen Währungen, die zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels Intraday-Gewinne verzeichnen.

Betrachtet man die Tages-Chart, so könnte eine Korrektur oberhalb der Handelsspanne den Weg für Kursgewinne bei den Widerstandsniveaus von $72, $74 und $76 ebnen. Auf der Abwärtsseite liegt die unmittelbare Unterstützung bei $66. Es ist wichtig zu beachten, dass $65 eine wichtige Unterstützungsebene darstellt, während die Hauptunterstützungsniveaus bei $64, $62 und $60 liegen, doch der stochastische RSI befindet sich bereits im überkauften Bereich, was auf einen Aufwärtstrend hindeutet.

Gegenüber Bitcoin folgt der Marktpreis dem Aufwärtstrend und berührt heute den Höchststand von 7522 SAT. Innerhalb des aufsteigenden Kanals wird die Münze derzeit bei 7355 SAT gehandelt. Das Tages-Chart zeigt, dass, wenn die Münze laut BitQT unter den gleitenden 9-Tage- und 21-Tage-Durchschnitt fällt, die Bären zurück in den Markt treten könnten.

XMRBTC – Tages-Chart

Sollte der Marktpreis weiter fallen, könnten die nächsten wichtigen Unterstützungen bei 7000 SAT und darunter liegen. Auf der zinsbullischen Seite könnte ein kontinuierlicher Anstieg über den Kanal die Münze bis zu den Widerstandsniveaus von 7700 SAT und 7800 SAT drücken. Laut Tages-Chart befindet sich der Stochastic RSI im überkauften Bereich, da die Signallinie kurz davor steht, die 80er Marke zu überschreiten, was weitere zinsbullische Signale vermitteln könnte.